Technical frequently asked questions (FAQs)  


How do I place order?  

For both international and domestic customers, you can fax your purchase order to +1 (408) 944-9665, call us at +1 (408) 368-1364 or email us at 


How do I contact scientific support team for technical support and help? 

You can contact AccuAffinity’s scientific support team as follows: 

phone: +1 (408) 368-1364 

fax: +1 (408) 944-9665


Can I receive a free sample of a product? 

We do offer free or trial sized samples for testing purposes.  Please contact our customer service team at for further information. 


What are the unique features and capabilities of AccuAffinity’s products?  

AccuAffinity enables the time and cost efficient application in developing cutting-edge diagnostic products. We are committed to apply our internally developed assay technology in a manner that minimizes user cost dramatically, improves efficiency, and shortens assay time. AccuEZTM ELISA kits are designed to be extraordinarily user-friendly.  For instance, our AccuEZTM Melamine ELISA kits can be used to measure melamine concentration in dairy product without any sample preparation. The whole procedure takes only 30 minutes. Our AccuDipTM test strips can be used in substances as diverse as milk or urine samples directly. 


Does AccuAffinity offer assay development service? 

Yes. Our highly experienced staff has many years of experience in the assay service business. We are committed to provide the best customer-oriented assay development service. For more detailed information, please contact us at 


I am a loyal AccuEZTM ELISA kit user, but currently I have a special application.  Does AccuAffinity provide custom service? 

Yes. Our staff specializes in these requests. We always try our best to serve our customers better. We can customize our products to customers’ specific application, such as different matrix, different quantification range, etc.  For more detailed information, please contact us at 


I can't find any ELISA kit on the market to detect my interested analyst. Can I collaborate with AccuAffinity to develop an ELISA kit? 

Yes. We have extensive experience in collaborating with scientists from various fields utilizing our assay development expertise. These include partners in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please contact us at 


Does AccuAffinity provide service to convert a lateral flow test strip based on our existing ELISA product? 

Yes. We have successfully experience over many years in supporting customers by meeting their needs to convert test strip products based on ELISA kits.  For more information, please contact us at 


Is the information on the datasheet up-to-date and accurate? 

The datasheets contain the most up-to-date information we have available to us about this product. As soon as we find additional information, the datasheets will be updated live on the website immediately, so they will never be out of date. 


How should I store my ELISA kit or test strip? 

We recommend always storing the ELISA kit or test strip as specified on the datasheet. We are unable to guarantee how the ELISA kit or test strip will perform if not stored as stated on the datasheet. 


Can I use AccuEZTM ELISA kit reagents from a different lot?  

We recommend always using AccuEZTM ELISA kit reagents from the same lot. We are unable to guarantee how AccuEZTM ELISA kit will perform if reagents come from a different lot. 


Can I use AccuDipTM melamine test strips in milk samples directly?  

To provide most convenience to our customers, AccuDipTM test strips are designed for direct detection of melamine in milk samples without any dilution or pre-treatment. 


Can I get a discount?  

We are always glad to offer volume discount to our customers.  If you would like to place a bulk order, please contact our customer service team at for further information.