About Us

AccuAffinity, Inc. is a California-based biotechnology company which specializes in developing fast turnaround and user friendly immunological diagnostic products. Located in San Francisco Bay Area, the birthplace of biotechnology and high-tech industries, AccuAffinity enjoys the environment of innovation and research spawned by neighboring world-class universities including Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, and University of California, San Francisco. Thus, AccuAffinity is at the forefront of advanced biotechnology research and development. The company has strategic and technical collaborations with universities and research institutes, such as Stanford University, NIH, University of Washington, and University of Idaho. The company strives to develop next-generation immuno-diagnostic products to meet ever-increasing needs of diagnostic assay field, and provides customers with products combining creativity, advanced immuno-science, and practical applications. Currently, AccuAffinity focuses on the following three areas with broad market appeal:

  • Food safety
  • Agriculture (animal science and plant science) 
  • Human healthcare

AccuAffinity prides itself in its strong capability to develop immunological diagnostic technologies. With an average of 20 years’ working experience in the US, China, and Singapore, key research and development team members have led the development of many immuno-diagnostic products, such as ruminant pregnancy test kit, nasopharyngeal carcinoma diagnostic kit, and drug abuse detection kit, which have been successfully commercialized. The R&D team also has extensive working experience of US FDA’s GLP standard.

AccuAffinity provides industry leading products and services with improved sensitivity and convenience. Most of its immunological assay kits have an assay time of only 15-30 minutes, and its proprietary next-generation enzyme conjugates and immuno-gold reagents boast unparalleled high stability and reproducibility. The company specializes in development of immunological assay kits and test strips for difficult-to-detect small molecules, and in multiplexing technology. AccuAffinity is developing novel diagnostic products in the areas of cancer biomarkers and infectious diseases. The company is committed to maximize the application of cutting-edge technology, to develop customer-oriented products by minimizing user cost, improving efficiency, and shortening assay time. The ultimate goal is to design and develop next-generation user-friendly diagnostic products.

With rapid expansion of business area and product line, AccuAffinity is eager to establish collaboration with partners in the diagnostic field, and looks forward to new product development and their introduction into broader markets.

AccuAffinity is based in San Francisco Bay Area, California.